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For forty years ABC Maritime has provided technical management for third party tankers and offshore support vessels in and around West Africa, including within the territorial waters of Cameroon, Congo, Gabon, Nigeria, Ghana, Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Senegal, Togo, Namibia, and the Ivory Coast.   

Over this period ABC has established itself as one of the most reputable and well-connected players in the region, with sound business practices and in-depth local trading knowledge.  

We have built up a strong track-record chartering and managing offshore support vessels of many different categories to national & international energy providers, both majors and independents, and to key offshore service companies in construction, seismic, maintenance and diving, ROV support and drilling. Our commercial management has encompassed both long and short-term contracts with a wide variety of clients. 

At the same time, ABC Maritime provides technical and operational support in country for vessels under its commercial management. ABC Maritime managed vessels have a strong record of field maintenance, pipeline surveys and SBM operations in West Africa. ABC was part owner of the Perenco-operated Massongo FSO at the offshore export terminal in Cameroon until 2020. ABC Maritime managed vessels have worked on field maintenance and SBM projects in Gabon and Cameroon, have supported tanker liftings at single point moorings, have conducted well services contracts in Angola and Gabon, and have performed FPSO inspections and platform repair contracts in six countries. Floating accommodation, crew and cargo transfer, and offshore support in all its rich variety remains our core business.

We are on all the relevant bidding lists for the energy majors, service companies and regional brokers. Our HSE system and operational procedures are approved by the oil majors, and our crewing system means we can tailor locally sourced crew to meet local content requirements in countries like Angola, Gabon, Congo, and Senegal. 

This means that ABC Maritime can provide an integrated technical offering and “one stop shop” for even the most complex of requirements demanded by our client owners or required by our charterers.  

With a solid network of proven local relationships across the region, ABC can also provide commercial management by chartering through an established network of local companies compliant with local laws and regulations.


Therefore, we offer owners an integrated package of commercial acumen paired with practical, operational knowledge, local support and local seafarers, approved certification and HSE procedures. 

We have relationships with all major offshore ship brokers as well, and because we are an independent ship manager there is no conflict of interest. As a pureplay technical management company, ABC has no conflicts of interest either with its own fleet, or with other principals’ fleets. 

Most third-party technical managers have limited or no commercial experience, especially in West Africa, and this creates the risk of divergence between commercial goals and operational reality.  

ABC offers a uniquely integrated package to offshore vessel owners for Africa and beyond, providing commercial support, tender responses, and spot market fixtures alongside day-to-day management. 

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