Perfect operation for “Anuket Pearl”

On May 5th , “Anuket Pearl” which is equipped with DP1, was nominated to perform a bunker operation on the SSD (Semisub Drill Rig) “Songa Enabler”. The operation took place close to Port-Louise (4-5 miles from Harbor) and required the use of two cargo hoses (150 m lenth each) and two cargo pumps. The final quantity discharged reached 3,212 CBM with an impressive average rate of 292 cbm per hour (including peaks reaching 311.6 cbm).

This performance was highly appreciated by the charter (Addax Energy) who sent his regards to the crew for a superb team effort executed in a record time.

Congratulations to our crew for this successful operation with special thanks to:

  • Gulko Valeriy (Ch.Engineer)
  • Kuyan Mykola (2nd Engineer) (First time in ABC)
  • Goreiko Oleksandr (Chief Officer)
  • Timbal Rene Boy (Pumpmen)