Goodbye « Adfines South »

Another journey completed and poignant time for our sea & shore staff!

In 2011 we took over the construction of four bulkers, in China, all were sold in 2016 and now the first of these four “Adfines South”, was delivered to her new owners on 31st January, 2017 at 11.50 hrs in Veracruz (Mexico).Of the remaining three, “Adfines North” will be delivered later this month in Subic Bay “AGW”. “Adfines West” and “Adfines East” will be delivered sometime later this year, up to the end of May.

We take this opportunity to thank our crews and all staff who have worked with Adfines South, and to Cargill who chartered her for almost 5 years from delivery as a new-building.