Fleet changes

The first semester of 2017 has seen a great deal of activity for fleet changes, in particular for vessel sales and outgoing deliveries. We have sold & delivered 5 vessels to their new owners, one bitumen tanker, four bulkers in addition we have bought & sold “San Bertoldo” (after exactly 4 months of ownership – delivered to us on 11th January, then delivered to the new owners on 11th April). All of this has increased the financial strength of our group for these difficult times, and will now allow us to pursue fleet increases as opportunities allow. We anticipate that later this year we will take in at least 3 new-buildings plus an additional 3 vessels under management.

The delivery of “Adfines West” in Shanghai on April 6th, 2017 at 22.45 hrs is the end of one more chapter in our history and the collaboration with Cargill who chartered all 4 bulkers from the day of their respective delivery in China until the sale and delivery to their new owners, Navibulgare. We would like to thank Cargill, the Buyers and the ABC Maritime staff in Odessa & Nyon, and of course the officers & crew who served these vessels.